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The consultation is suitable for you if:


  • You feel that your website / e-shop is not working and that customers are losing it

  • You have low website traffic

  • You can't find your business on Google search

  • You have the data, but you don't understand it

  • You need advice on how to kick social networks

Are you looking for a marketing consultation or a specialist because you are lost in the online world?

Price list of marketing consulting


The average price of a marketing consultation is approximately in the range from 30 € to 80 € per hour without VAT. As part of the above-standard services we provide, we want to bring clients the greatest possible added value right from the start, so we offer a free initial consultation that will help you orient yourself in the offered solutions and answer the most demanding questions.


Do not hesitate and ask us anything in the field of online marketing, we will be happy to advise you.

  • Customers don't come to my site, what should I do? "
    There may be several reasons why this is so. We will first look at your web analytics and users flow and try to find the cause there. However, the most common causes are: 1. Bad position in Google Search 2. Insufficient activity on SocialMedia
  • I can't see my page "on Google" "
    Websites are regularly "visited" by a Google crawler, which tries to find out if something new is on your site. If a page is set up incorrectly, Google's crawler may simply not be able to see your page or may only partially see your page. No need to panic, we'll advise you on how to verify that your settings are correct, or fix a problem that causes incorrect indexing.
  • My e-shop has few customers, how do I get new ones and keep the current ones? "
    There are several solutions and they can be divided into 2 basic ones: 1. I want to build SEO and get customers there for free - long-term 2. I want customers right now - PPC Advertising
  • I want a new website or e-shop, but I don't know where to start ... "
    During a free consultation , we'll explain how to design and implement your dream site. In 20 minutes, you'll be much clearer on what you need and how to proceed.
  • I have data I don't know about and I need to understand it. What should I do?"
    Through advanced data visualization , we help you get the most out of your data. Data often conceals information that is key to making the right decisions. Understanding them is a must for success in your business.
  • Why are my social networks, I don't need them? "
    Error! Social Networks are a source for your customers, and if done well, they will help your business grow. Increasing the priority for proper communication within SocialMedia is one of the easiest steps to increase the company's turnover.
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