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We have prepared a complete SEO optimization service for your website, where we will take care of all the necessary steps to achieve the first places. At the beginning of the monthly SEO optimization, we will suggest suitable keywords and appropriate adjustments. We can apply all edits on the web ourselves. We can also help you deliver copywriting. To improve the position, we will also address regular linkbuilding every month. From 2.-3. of the month, linkbuilding will be the main job.

The website must have well-managed and designed SEO on page and off page factors, but unfortunately today is not enough, so it must also focus on quality and unique content.
Procedure of our work:
  • Price calculation - according to your expected results and competition, we will suggest a price. The price can always be adjusted according to the range of keywords and the expected effect.

  • Keyword suggestion - depending on the topic of the website or the importance of services and products, we will offer you suitable keyword mutations.

  • Site review - We'll perform a site review based on keywords and suggest appropriate edits.

  • Making adjustments - we can apply the necessary changes on the website ourselves. Possible copywriting as well.

  • Linkbuilding - the creation of backlinks will take place right from the beginning of the cooperation. From the second month, it will form the bulk of our work.

  • Reporting - a clear report containing all the necessary outputs for our work.


You can monitor the results of the work online on the position measurement report sent by us. The effect of improvement can be expected on average in 3-6 months of cooperation.

Procedure of our work:

Keyword analysis

If you don't know which SEO words would be appropriate, leave it to us. We'll work out an analysis and keyword proposal for you, and then we'll send everything to you in the approval table. The choice of the words themselves is then a mutual consultation.

Code on Laptop Computer

Seo web test

SEO test will show you how search engines see your website Do you have a website but it does not appear in the first three pages of Google? Also, what your future customers most often look for.

Designing on a Tablet

SEO web optimalisation

Need to increase traffic to your site? Want to have a website on the front pages of Google? Website optimization will bring you new customers.

The basis for increasing website traffic is its search engine optimization.

Tablet Design

SEO web management

What does it mean to have a website managed? We will do this service for you.


Link Building

Linkbuilding is still the most important part of search engine optimization. Inbound links are still and will be the most influential factor in ranking in search engines for a long time (not to mention content). The degree of benefit of a link depends mainly on its placement on the referring website, the credibility of the website itself, the thematic affinity of the website, the number of other external links on the page, the click-through rate, etc.

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Keyword analysis
Analýza KW
What is a keyword?
A keyword is a term that people search for in search engines. Examples of keywords: flu, weight loss, turnkey house construction.
The keyword is the key to your site visitors
If you want your site to be searched, so that its content attracts visitors, you need to know what people are searching for. What keywords to use when searching in search engines.
Keyword analysis is the first step in SEO optimization of your website.
By analyzing keywords, you get:
  • to keywords you know - dozens of other relevant keywords in the series
  • where it is good to use their information everywhere,
  • how often your keywords are searched in google suggestion
  • how to create content for your site
We'll prepare a Keyword Tool for your site and suggest additional steps to improve its performance.
SEO web test
SEO test
Why is it important? Unless your site is optimized for good keywords, the ones that are actually searched cannot be moved to higher positions in the search. People - your future customers - don't have a chance to find him because they're looking for something else.
Therefore, we recommend using Keyword Analysis from our offer.
If you already know good keywords, we'll look at your site's SEO test to see if your site is optimized for them. And not only that. We will find out how it is in terms of several SEO parameters. Their description will be part of the results of the SEO test. For example, we'll check for broken links, oversized pages, mobile optimization, and more.
With the SEO test you get:
  • description of errors on your site
  • advice on what needs to be fixed
  • comparison with competing websites
We will prepare an SEO test of your website and propose other solutions to start its performance.
SEO site optimization
Optimalizácia pre vyhľdávače
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In Slovak - search engine optimization. SEO is a set of techniques and tools that aim to secure your site's leading position in search engines. If we talk about the Slovak Internet, practically only Google comes into consideration.
So in Slovakia, SEO is an effort to get websites to the top three pages of Google search results. Have you ever wondered why the first three parties?
Well, it's easy. Namely, only the first three parties are overwhelmingly viewed by people. If you are not on the first three pages, you are practically invisible. No one will find your site.
If you do the right SEO optimization on your site, you can get to the top three pages of search results and increase your site traffic.
Want to know how your site is doing? You can have an SEO test done on your site.
Most websites on the Slovak Internet are not optimized at all. Even today, a regular site owner thinks that it is enough to have a website and customers will flock.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Creating a website is a technical matter today. I say with a smile that today every second high school student can create a website. However, the website it will sell can create few professionals in Slovakia.
Factors on the site
Factors that affect search ranking and are set on the page. The key to setting the right factors on your page is to identify the keywords that are being searched on Google. People search for content on the Internet by typing in a Google search engine that interests them. So the first task of SEO is to find out what terms in a given area are searched on Google. We call this keyword analysis, the words that are searched for.
Once we know what keywords are searching, we can begin to optimize individual pages of the site.
Off-page factors
These are all factors outside the web that affect the ranking of pages in a search. Probably the best known factor is backlinks. SEO optimization is a very broad area.
SEO optimization includes:
  • keyword analysis
  • seo web test
  • site bug fixes
  • optimization on page factors
  • text optimization from an SEO perspective
SEO web administration
SEO správa webu
What you get by managing your site:
  • Managing the SEO service of your site for you
  • setting ON PAGE page factors to provide backlinks
  • marketing on social networks
  • Website content optimization based on keyword analysis
  • web speed control
  • monthly SEO web reports
  • and others
As this area is very wide, we will agree on the details individually. The size of the website is an important criterion.
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