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Today, web analytics is used by many websites. Especially those that are focused on trade and commerce. Their goal is to find out:


  • how many people visited the site

  • how many of these visitors were unique

  • how users got to the site (link from a foreign site, directly from a search engine ...)

  • which keywords they used to search

  • how long visitors viewed the content of the site

  • which links they clicked on when they left the page



Web analytics is a term associated with the study of the impact of websites on users. It includes various measurement tools, tools for data collection and subsequent analysis, and various evaluation tools.

Web analytics can also be used to monitor the functionality of subpages. Based on this data, web developers can then find out which of their sites are more popular and which are not so popular. Web analytics provides this data to administrators and publishers who can use it to streamline site content so that visitors can return to you.


One of the most well-known services that provide web analytics is the Google Analytics service used by us at Push Online. If you order web analytics services, you have a large number of tools to analyze your site:


  • real-time reporting

  • custom reports

  • creating and analyzing custom segments

  • information panels: organizing, monitoring, sharing key performance identifiers

  • visualization of the paths that visitors take to your site

  • API - Tailor your data to your needs




We'll also give you analysis of what's going on on your site, and how you can optimize its content:


  • Site Search: Find out what your visitors are really looking for

  • page analysis: how visitors move around the page

  • page speed analysis

  • Event tracking: What your visitors do on the page






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