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Do you need to communicate with your audience on Facebook or Instagram? Have you noticed that posts you add few people like, comment or share? Can't find the time to create quality content and make regular contributions in your work? Together, we will design the right communication strategy for your target group, plan and create contributions, add stories, respond to comments and, most importantly, bring you new followers and fans. Get social networks managed by professionals.

Do you need help with social media management? Build a relationship with your customers on Meta and Instagram
Why take care of social networks


Facebook is the largest social network on the Internet. In Slovakia, it is used by more than 2.3 million users. People are much more likely to express themselves on this social network and can share posts. Users like to read posts here, and the network itself offers an infinite number of clicks to various websites. We are currently capturing a much greater purchasing power of people of productive age.


Instagram is mainly a visual social network. People like it very nice to like it and give follow a nice profile. Stories are very popular here. Currently, there are about a million active Slovak users. It's easier and cheaper to get a follower on Instagram than a fan on Facebook. If the client has space in his budget, we also like to cooperate with Influencers.

By managing social networks, you will get from us:
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We save


Pay attention to what you know best! While you are dealing with a business or running a business, we will take care of the content for you.


Analysis of your

In order for posts to have many likes, be shared and commented on, you need to find out what content your audience is interested in and at what hours it is most active.

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Our results are reflected in regular reports. Thanks to them, we can inform you about the overall success of our work.



We will design and agree on a communication strategy in advance as well as the entire plan for the near future.

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Increase in followers and fans

The more right followers and fans you have, the greater your organic reach. We will work continuously to obtain them.


Building brand awareness

Every new interaction, every new impact on social networks helps you to grow awareness of your brand. Let them talk about you, not others.


Improved visuals

Some creatives need improvement! That's why our marketers work closely with our graphic designers to create posts.



During our collaboration, we constantly monitor how the competition is doing and what contributions it is adding. We're working to overtake them on social media.

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with influencers

Influencers can help your brand and more easily target your audience. You need to know how to choose the right one. We will choose the influencer for you and communicate communication with him.

Free audit of social networks

Do you own social networks and take care of them regularly? Want to know if you're doing it right? Get a social network audit done for FREE! We will present the prepared audit to you in person. You will get an overview of what you are doing wrong and what is right, when it is best to communicate to the target group and we will compare your corporate communication with the competition.

The course of cooperation in the management of social networks


Analysis of the initial state

At the beginning, we thoroughly analyze your initial state and competition. We will find the right communication on social networks and adapt it to your target group. Our specialists will also check other online channels, which will provide you with increased awareness of the brand and products, and thus increase the company's profit.


Single price all the time

Based on the agreed length of cooperation in the management of online marketing promotion, we will create a single price offer. We evenly distribute the analyzes and initial settings into monthly administration fees, thus relieving your company of initial expenses. We inform you about each item so that our cooperation is as transparent as possible.


Creating a strategy and plan

We will present you with a complete strategy and plan for the near future in graphic form, for easier understanding of our ideas. The entire campaign will be tailored to your budget. We will put the know-how gained from other projects we have worked on into yours. We will create a unique strategy that will be competitive and bring you new and regular customers.


Close cooperation

In close cooperation with you, we will take care of contributions, competitions, stories, events and other opportunities that create a relationship between your company and the audience. Therefore, it is important that everything is correctly written and modernly presented. We will put energy, enthusiasm and new ideas into the management of your social networks.


Measurement and evaluation

The success of our work needs to be measured and evaluated. Every month we will send you a clear graphic report from the given period, if necessary we will be happy to meet you. We will use our verified tools for measurement and we will monitor in detail when your audience reacts and interacts with the contributions, which types of contributions work and we compare the results with the competition.

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