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Instagram - New sticker for promoting the company profile in Stories

Instagram is testing stickers that have allowed companies a new type of promotion of their business profile in stories. This will give brands another way to make their business accounts visible.

Zdroj: Unspash

The novelty appeared in some tested accounts, which have it among the creative tools Stories called Share Professional. After clicking on the sticker, another screen will open with three small windows, in which Instagram will place photos from the last three contributions of the given company.

Instagram Badge
Zdroj: Jane Wong

Although this is a minor update, it could be very useful for all business profiles. According to tests, it looks like user profiles could also mark their favorite brands in the new sticker.

This feature is strikingly similar to the gift cards that Instagram added to support small and medium-sized businesses during a pandemic.

Zdroj: SocialMediaToday

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